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You need to put images of your products on the web, you need them done quickly, and you're on a tight budget. This calls for my Quick and Clean service.

This service consists of four parts:

  • Quality Digital Photography
  • Quality image retouching
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Delivery on CD ROM

You can rely on my years of professional photographic experience to get the job done for you on-time, within budget with guaranteed results.

Let me explain how it works.

Step 1 Quality Digital Photography

Shooting your product digitally will save you time and money but it has to be done right or you will compromise your image quality. Most digital cameras compress the image. This causes the image to lose quality. When I photograph your product, I use no image compression. The full quality of the image isn't compromised. At the end of the job, I can provide an optimized, correctly sized image for your website that will give you the quality you need while still minimizing download time.

In addition, lighting is important. I've been using studio lighting equipment for twenty years and will use the right lighting for your product.

While the Quick and Clean service is meant primarily for web use, the quality of these images allows you to repurpose them nicely as print images up to 8"x10".

Strictly speaking, digital photography is a compromise. The best part about it is what you don't do. You don't have to buy film. You don't have to spend time and money getting it processed and printed BEFORE you even see if you have what you need. Then, you avoid the need to scan your film to bring your images into the digital realm. You save a lot of time and money and still retain high-quality imagery.

If strictly digital photography doesn't meet your needs, I can also photograph your product using traditional means. It will cost more and take longer, but sometimes the quality you require merits it. I also have 35mm, medium format, and 4x5 equipment for such instances.


Step 2 Quality image retouching

In this step, I bring your image into the industry standard compositing software Adobe Photoshop. You image is cleaned up, color corrected and cut out of its background. Once the background is removed, your product image can be dropped into any background you choose with the appropriate drop shadow. I have almost ten years experience with Photoshop and other high end software. What this means is speed and accuracy. Bad compositing by amateurs is becoming the norm today, but I won't stand for it. Neither should you.

Step 3 Custom Backgrounds

I have a library of custom backgrounds I have created for use on previous jobs. I can drop your image seamlessly into any of them if you'd like. I can also use any background you provide. I can also create a new background for each image based upon the colors used in the product. I use similar or complementary colors for an image that "Works".

Step 4 Delivery on CD-ROM

Once your job is completed, I provide you with layered Photoshop files of your images. What this means is that at any time in the future, you can easily and quickly change the background of your image to anything else. It also allows you to combine several products together seamlessly in a new image. The choice is yours and the bottom line is maximum value and flexibility.