The Work
Ken Means
makes a living working with a Macintosh.
Ken uses the Mac to create digital images with or without the use of a camera. He uses several important software packages that allow him to create these images.

Live Picture
Live Picture is an amazing program which is perfect for
compositing photographs. Ken feels this software is the most
underrated and useful applications a photographer can own.
In this section Ken tells how he uses Live Picture in his work.

Adobe Photoshop-Under Construction
Ken uses Adobe Photoshop for spotting and retouching photographs,
creating graphics for the web, creating odd KPT (and alien) art,
and for creating images which can be utilizied in KPT Bryce.
KPT Bryce
KPT Bryce-Under Construction
KPT Bryce started out as an amazing little program that creates landscapes.
These landscapes are more natural than others generated on a computer due
to its atmospheric controls and 3 dimensional Textures. But KPT Bryce has
grown up now and it offers much more.

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