Ken Means
created Alien Art to showcase his talents. His images tend to be unusual and deal with non-terrestrial themes, hence, Alien Art.

Ken grew up in southern California, attended USC, then worked as a photographer. He also operated an in-house color photo lab in Hollywood for over ten years. He purchased a Macintosh IIci in December, 1989 in order to create "fractal" images. At the time, these fractal images were almost unknown. Of course, that isn't so today.

Fractal images were quite novel at the time, and Ken created them for several years. During this time, equipment and software development was truly dramatic. He acquired more digital tools, such as a flatbed scanner and software such as Photoshop, Painter, and most fortuitously, Kai's Power Tools.

It was already clear to Ken that the Computer was his art medium. The purchase of KPT dramatically enforced this decision. This, was an insanely creative product that really increased the fun quotient of creating digital images and allowed much greater expression of artistic ideas. The creative frenzy that ensued left Ken with a unnatural desire to learn all he could about this new tools. This led him to work at the software company that created them. At that time the company was known as HSC Software. In its current incarnation it is known as MetaCreations.

While at HSC, he learned a great deal. He worked in Technical Support and so by necessity became very familiar with all of their products, which included Kai's Power Tools, Kai's Power Tips, KPT Bryce and Live Picture. This knowledge has helped him express himself.

The Work