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Good Books I've Read
I read a lot of books. I put the best of them on this page. I do this because I like to share them with others. If you buy one after clicking on the links here I'll make a buck or two. If you're interested in the subjects, check them out. They are excellent! Read the reviews at Amazon.com. Those people are a lot more eloquent than I am.

Science Fiction Art

Infinite Worlds
by Vincent Di Fate
320 Pages in Color
List Price: $45.00
Amazon Price: $31.5

This book is an incredible travelogue of Science Fiction imagery from the humble beginnings to the present. Awesome artwork on every page. Infinite Worlds is truly a gem. Its a big "coffee table" book that should be left out where everybody can enjoy it.



Coming of Age IN THE MILKY WAY
by Timothy Ferris
495 Pages
List Price: $14.05
Amazon Price: $11.96

Thank you, Timothy Ferris. This book molds the development of Western Scientific Thought into a tantalizingly readable form. This book won several awards. Best history of science reading I've ever run across.

The Whole Shebang
by Timothy Ferris
393 Pages
Published July 1998

List Price: $14.00
Amazon Price: $11.20

Compelling reading, this book tackles no less than theories of the universe and mankind's place in it (them). Ferris has a way of explaining difficult subjects in a refreshingly clear manner. This book surveys current theories, from the perspective of 1998.

The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory.
by Brian Greene
Published Feb. 2000
Paperback: 464 pages
List Price: $15.00
Amazon Price: $7.50!


  The Title says a lot, but it isn't all. This book starts out with Maxwell's Electromagnetic Theory, and how it clashed with Newton's theory of gravity, how Einstein found the solution which evolved into General Relativity which in turn clashed with Quantum Physics, the solution being Superstring Theory. Clearly written, a good explanation of all of the above, and modern theories of the universe.



Science Fiction

The Time Ships
by Stephen Baxter
544 pages
List Price: $5.20
Amazon Price: $5.20
Stephen Baxter's imagination is truly amazing. This book takes up exactly where H.G. Wells' The Time Machine left off. It stretches from there to the end of the Universe.
A Fire Upon The Deep
by Vernor Vinge
614 Pages
List Price: $6.00
Amazon Price: $5.59
I'm currently reading this book (Jan 00) and Vinge gives Baxter a good run as far as imagination and scope. Group minds, transcendent entities (gods?) and other aliens are matched against puny humanity out at the edge of the galaxy. Great stuff!

Why I buy from Amazon

I've always liked the local independent bookstores. All of my favorites have closed. After that I frequented Bookstar. They were bought up by Barnes and Noble and then the discounts I was used to seemed to disappear. About that time, I went to the Amazon site. I bought a few books based on customer book reviews and was very happy with the books and the discount prices. Then I bought a few more books based on Amazon's recommendations and enjoyed them too. Its like picking up a book in a store and everybody around you has read the book and is happy to give you their opinion of it. Lastly, around the holidays last year, I ordered 8 books from Amazon. Only 4 showed up although the packing slip showed all 8 were there. I was worried, how was I going to prove I didn't receive them. I sent e-mail to Amazon.com and they simply apologized and sent me the missing books overnight. Customer service means a lot to me. Amazon.com has earned my trust.