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Hi, I'm Ken Means, and this is my life. I was born in 1956 in Glendale, California. I grew up in Sun Valley and Van Nuys, CA where I still live.

As a child I was introduced to photography, and I've worked around images and such ever since.


I attended Poly HS in Sun Valley, CA. I ran track and Cross Country. You sure can't tell now.

I attended the University of Southern California where I started out pre-med and ended up studying Psychology and German. I took German throughout college and never expected much from it, but I was able to go on the junior year abroad program to the University of Vienna, Austria.

That year was probably the most important in my education as the foreign experience broadened my awareness of the world beyond the borders of the USA.

After college, I did some different things including running a Biofeedback Center back in the early days of that technology.

One Day, I woke up and decided to get back into photography. In order to do so, I decided to learn color printing. I worked as a custom color printer and photographer till about 1990 when I got my first Macintosh, a Mac IIci.

About that time, I opened my own photo studio and lab and spent a couple years photographing beautiful women while I learned the craft of digital imaging. It was clear to me then (and clearer now) that digital was the future of photography. I've never looked back although there have been a few bumps in the road.

In the early 90's I spent a few years at HSC Software doing technical support for KPT and eventually running tech support for a product called Live Picture which was far ahead of its time.

I also joined Mensa, the high IQ society at that time. One of these days, I'll actually go to a meeting.

Since then I've been doing consulting and software training and working as a production artist.

Along the way, I created Alien Art to show a kind of art I've come up with that is so different, it seems alien to me. It is influenced by Psychology, color photography, and a little HR Giger thrown in for good measure.